Style / Oodles of Polka Dots

Polka Dots

1. Does your doll loves cute, fancy items? Well, if she does, then this is the dress for her! The puffed sleeves, and adorable buttons add to the flattering dress. It’s perfect for going on a picnic, or for a formal party! For her hair, try adding an over-sized bow, or pigtails.

This adorable dress is from the Etsy Shop, Button and Bow Boutique 

2. An outfit is never complete without a stylish pair of shoes! Polka dots on sandals are a fun pop of pattern and color, and go easily with simple pieces. Try finding a pair with a fancy detail, (like the flowers on these particular shoes,) so that your doll can wear them out shopping on a hot summer day, or to a special occasion!

These fun shoes are from the Etsy Shop, Stout Creations

3. Need a simple, but cute piece to complete your outfit? Try a small-dot covered tank top! Your doll will be the stylish eye of attention anywhere; home, school, or even just for playing outside with friends. We recommend pairing it with a stylish sweater, or jacket, and a loose braid or ponytail.

This Pretty Tank Top is from the Etsy Shop, The Beach Shack

4. Does your doll need an elegant dress to wear for special occasions? Well, this dress is perfect! Full of detail and a delicate pattern, your doll will be the one every ones talking about! We recommend pairing this with a fancy up-do or half up.

This refined dress is from the Etsy Shop, Melody Valerie Couture 

5. This skirt is a pop of adorable color, and fun! The flowing out shape, quirky lining, and rainbow hues make a perfect outfit to pair with a bright top, and to spend the day with family  or friends. To fully complete your doll’s outfit, try adding a bracelet or pretty hair clip.

This cute skirt is from the Etsy Shop, Sew Fun Doll Clothes

6. For the colder days, when your doll needs something to keep warm, this pull over is just the thing! With a bold pattern, and vibrant colors, this sweater is perfect to match with a simple pair of jeans, and a cute top! For your doll’s hair, a side braid or just done works for casual days, and for more formal occasions, try braiding it, and taking it out to add some waves!

This casual sweater is from the Etsy Shop, 123 Mulberry Street


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