Style / Summer Shoes


1. These stylish shoes will be the perfect accessory for your doll’s outfit no matter what the occasion is. The detailed pattern will catch anyone’s eye, and the braided bottom adds a simple charm! We recommend pairing these with a casual top, and shorts or jeans.

These detailed shoes are from the Etsy shop, Daisy Chains

2. The warm weather’s coming! Time for hanging out with friends, and running around outside. So, when your doll needs comfortable footwear that’s still cute, these sneakers will work perfectly. The floral pattern, and cool colors work for any season, and will match any fun play outfit!

These cute sneakers are from the Etsy shop, Releaserain

3. Whenever your doll needs a cute pair of shoes to wear to the beach, a special occasion, or for a night on the town, these are the shoes for her! The flowers add fun detail to pull together your doll’s outfit, and will go perfectly with a cute sun dress or even just a pair of simple denim shorts.

These stylish sandals are from the Etsy Shop, Meg Ori’s Doll Boutique 

4. These elegant flip-flops are perfect for any social event. The simple colors, and gleaming gold detail allow these shoes to work with any skirt or dress, and will look great with a high pony tail, or a wavy side braid!

These elegant flip-flops are from the Etsy shop, Loreliecreations


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