Staff Picks / May 2013


Can you believe that May is almost over? Although the blog here at Doll Mag doesn’t reflect it, we have been very busy making crafts, writing up articles, and taking photos for the July/August issue. We are also counting down the days until school lets out! {We aren’t out until June 27th, sadly.} To finish up May, we have rounded up some of our favorite doll blog finds as of late. Do you have any favorites?


1. Lulu can’t wait to try this super pretty hairstyle on her dolls. It’s sure to look great all summer long!

2. Are you as excited as we are for Camp Doll Diaries?! We have been preparing for it to start next Monday!

3. Bella wants to learn to sew this summer, and she hopes to start out with Doll Delight’s cute skirt craft. It looks easy to convert into a fun maxi skirt.

4. Join these adorable dollies as they head to this cute homemade salon!

5. Tacos never fail to make us smile. We have made them for our dolls before, but Pretty Lilly’s salad looks like a good addition.

6. These lanterns are a great find! They can be used as party decorations, bedroom accessories, or fun props for a family cookout.

Have a happy day, doll lovers!

Bella and Lulu :)


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