Hair / Twisting Side Style

This pretty hairstyle is perfect for a fun summer party or for a humid day outside. Our doll Payton looks so cute in these photos modeling it!



To try it out on your doll, follow these simple steps:

1. Start by separating your doll’s hair into two parts, (one bigger, and one smaller,) and tie the larger one-off in a ponytail.

2. Twist the other piece towards the back of your doll’s face, and loop it under the ponytail.

3. Add bobby pins to keep the style intact.

4. Brush through the ponytail, and smooth it out with a tiny bit of water.

Style Tips: To dress up your doll’s new do, add fun colored clips, ribbon, or a braid, (shown in the picture.)

Adapted from the “Twists” hair article in the May/June issue of American Girl.


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