Style / Flower Power!

Summer is just about here, and is bringing sunny weather and blooming flowers, so we decided to find some adorable floral pieces for this fashion post..

Flower-Shower1. This pretty floral dress is perfect for family celebrations and parties! The pink and purple palette complements dolls with long hair, (which by the way will look great if you just add a few matching clips or a ribbon.) To top off the whole thing, add some simple, but bright shoes.

This stylish dress is from the Etsy Shop, Jazzy Doll Duds

2. Is your doll in the mood for an explosion of creative color? If she is, then these are the leggings for her! The vibrant hues look great with a casual tank top or t-shirt, and will allow your doll to be ready to hang out with friends, play outside, or go on a fun day trip.

These colorful leggings are from the Etsy Shop, Crazy For Hue

3. Although summer brings along warm weather and a blazing sun, your doll will still need to be ready for that unexpected cool day! This adorable shrug is easy to throw on, and will look great with lots of outfits! The bold pattern and colors will make your doll look great anywhere she goes.

This cute shrug is from the Etsy Shop, Love Ellie Bean

4. Patterned jeans are very popular right now, so why shouldn’t your doll have a pair? These particular ones go great with just about anything! A stylish top, sandals, a cozy jacket, or even trendy sneakers!

These detailed pants are form the Etsy Shop, Closet 4 Chloe

5. Finally, when your doll needs something to just pull her whole outfit together, this top will do just the thing. The warm colors look great with a casual pair of jeans, and the contrasting straps can easily match with a pair of flats!

This patterned shirt is from the Etsy shop, Crazy for Hue


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