AG Release June 2013 / Lulu’s Thoughts

Hey! As some of you already know, American Girl released lots of new items of Thursday, and so I decided to share my thoughts about them. (Just so you know, this post was originally written on my blog theawesomeadventuresoflulu.)

The New My American Girl Dolls

Aren’t these dolls really cute? I love their hairstyles and I bet they will pretty popular.

Saige’s Tunic Outfit and Accessories

There has been some talk about this outfit when it was spotted in an American Girl ad, and I have to say I really like it. The tunic is a great color, the shoes are adorable, and the basic pants will match with lots of items. Also, the accessories are really cute:)


The Floral Sweater and Skirt Outfit

This is a perfect back to school outfit! The colors are great, and the patterns are great, because they’re easy to match and accessorize.

The School Days Outfit

This is cute, but it isn’t my favorite. The colors look good together, and the shoes are awesome, but it’s still not the best outfit of the release, although maybe once I see it in person I will like it better.

The Striped Hoodie Outfit

The colors in this are very bright, and I love the shoes and jeans.

The Tropical Bloom Outfit

This outfit is so coordinated. The accessories add to the outfit, and the colors and style of the clothes look perfect for a casual day.

The Purple Peacock Pajamas

I am in love with these pajamas. The pattern is so cute, and the colors are my favorites! I will definitely get this outfit!

Talent Show Set

This is so ADORABLE!!!! The colors and designs are so bold and fun, plus the whole outfit is just so playfully cute!

2 in 1 Track Outfit

This is such a cute version of American Girl’s previous track outfit. The colors are bright and cheerful, and will look great on most dolls.

The Basketball Outfit

Another adorable outfit! It looks cute on the doll, and the sneakers will work well with other ensembles.

The Witch Costume

This has to be one of my favorite Halloween costumes in a while, mostly because I love the fuchsia color and sparkles, plus the hat, boots, and broom are good accessories.

The Butterfly Tunic and Dress

These outfits and accessories are so adorable I’m at a lost for words. I mean seriously, they’re just so cute! (I would love to have those purple boots!)

The Garden Play Outfit and Rainbow Plaid Outfit

I really like these two outfits, and their colors and pieces. They’re perfect for back to school, but the patterns can work for spring too.

The Campus Snack Cart

This is one of Bella and I’s favorite items of the release. It comes with a pretty large amount of food, and I really like the patterns, so I’ll definitely be wanting to get this.


These are so fun! They’ll be perfect for photo stories or if you just need a good background.

School Locker Set

This is so awesome! It makes it so easy to store your doll’s stuff, and the colors are cheerful and happy!

The Science Lab Set and School Backpack Set

Aren’t these two sets so cute? The backpack comes with lots of supplies, (including that tiny math book!) and the science set even has a little microscope, and test tubes:)

Stackable Lunch Set

This set is very helpful, with little containers for all of the food, and it can be used for lots of purposes.

Bow Toed Moccasins, Polka Dot Flats, and Purple Espadrilles 

These new shoes are very stylish. My favorite would have to be the Purple Espadrilles, but the Polka Dots are a close second.

Doll Hairstyles

These pieces were such a great idea! They can really add to an outfit, and make it so easy to do different styles. (There’s also a braided headband hair piece that isn’t pictured here.)

Delicious Breakfast set

This set is really cute, (I love the yogurt parfaits!) and comes with a lot of food, although you could make some of it yourself using craft supplies.

All of the photos shown are American Girl’s


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