AG Release June 2013 / Bella’s Thoughts


Yesterday, Lulu shared her thoughts on the American Girl items, so I thought I would add my comments today. In my opinion, this was one of AG’s best releases in a long time, and there is plenty going on my wish list for my birthday. {It’s on July 24th! :)} What did you think of the new release?

the new my american girl dolls

They aren’t my favorite, but I was happy to see that they finally released a doll with brown, bang-less hair and brown eyes. I’m sure these two will be very popular!

saige’s tunic outfit and accessories

I love Saige’s tunic, but I am not digging the look with the white jeans. I think it would be very cute with some jeggings! The accessories are adorable, but a little pricey for what comes with it.


the floral sweater and skirt outfit

This is my most favorite outfit of the release! We went to the store yesterday, and the skirt and sweater are even cuter in person. It is very on-trend for what girls wear back-to-school.

the school days outfit

The Peter Pan collar was such a nice touch! Again, AG followed the trends with the shirt, but I think the jeans are a little old-fashioned? I don’t really know how to describe them.

talent show set

So cute, yes?! I think that this is a great value for everything you receive. The dress is beyond adorable, and I can see many uses for it besides a talent show.

2 in 1 track outfit

I love the cheery color combination and the little details in this outfit! Although I already own the previous track outfit, this one is warming up on me.

the witch costume

For me, even if the concept is fun, I just don’t think it looks up to American Girl’s quality. It seems to be a bit unfinished and it looks rather tacky, with the sequins and plastic broom.

the butterfly tunic, the butterfly dress, and bitty twins snack set

Lulu and I share a set of Bitty Twins, and I am almost positive that these two outfits will be making their way home soon. I’m partial to the tunic; the ruffles down the middle and on the legging made it for me!

the campus snack cart

I. love. this. That is all.

the backdrops

I purchased the classroom scene yesterday, and, believe me, they are well worth spending only twelve dollars on! It adds so much to play or photo stories.

the science lab set

I’m at a loss for words. All the details are so darn cute! What sold it for me was the itty-bitty science book and the fact that the microscope actually moves up and down. Could you ask for more?


school backpack set

Again, there’s a little math book! I seriously buy the school-related accessories just for these things :)

stackable lunch set

Finally, this is another winner in doll food! I love the mini lunch, and it will be perfect for when our dolls head back to school in September.

You can view all the products, including the ones I did not discuss, here.

That wraps it up! Before I go, a friendly reminder that tomorrow is July 1st, which could only mean another issue of Doll Mag! Be sure to check back here tomorrow to read and download! :)



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