Before and After Hair Care / 01


So, I’ve been wanting to try lots of fun new hair styles ever since I did the Twisted Ponytail on our doll Payton, and so Bella and I came up with this great new series of posts called “Before and After Hair Care.” The title basically explains it all: We show the doll before we do the hair style and after we do it with simple instructions, plus we’ll have some extra tips on keeping your doll’s hair untangled and manageable. Anyways, this week we’re doing the…braided knot style!






You will need-A doll brush, bobby pins (only one or two) and hair elastics, (try getting one clear elastic and one that matches your doll’s outfit.)

1. Start by dividing your doll’s hair into three parts. Make a small one in the front of your doll’s head on both sides, and leaving the rest of the hair in the middle.

2. Pull the large section of hair into a clean, low ponytail, and tie off with a clear elastic.

3. Braid the two smaller sections, and pull them back, and tie them in a knot. (Tip – When braiding, brush the hair so that it’s being styled on the side. Otherwise, when you pull it back it will poof out.)

4. Using your other hair elastic, make a final ponytail including the ends of your braided knot.

5. If needed, insert bobby pins to keep style intact or add water.

This style is easy to do on long, straight, or curly hair. Is you have a doll with layers, you can still do this style, but you need to use more bobby pins in order to make sure it stays. Another way to do it is to edit out the braids altogether, and just tie the knot with your sections of hair.

Check back soon for another fun hairstyle! (With a new doll modeling it :))
Lulu :)

This hairstyle was inspired by A Knot Ponytail at The Small Things Blog


2 thoughts on “Before and After Hair Care / 01

    • Hi Lila!
      I hope you end up liking it, but if you decide it’s not your favorite, we have plenty of fun crafts and other posts coming up for you to take a look at!

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