Weekend Wishes Introduction!


Do you have a fun photo, video, or craft that you would like to have featured here on Doll Mag? Well, now it can be because we are starting a new series of post called Weekend Wishes, where things that you’ve done with your doll can be shared! To get showcased in the Weekend Wishes posts just simply follow the directions below…

  • Create something cool that you think other doll-lovers would like to see or read about
  • Send your contribution to us at Dollmagblog@gmail.com. (We will try to send you an e-mail back when we receive it.)
  • Make sure you include your first name or nickname, and the names of the dolls shown.
  • Check back on the weekend to see what you, and others sent in! (Also, we might not be able to publish a Weekend Wishes post every weekend, so if that does happen your photo/other creation will be in the next W.W. post.)

We can’t wait to see what you send us!

Bella and Lulu:)

P.S. Both of us have entered the American Girl Fan Summer Photo Contest, so we would love it if you guys went and checked out the entries, (and maybe vote for us… :)) Below are our photos, (Bella’s first, Lulu’s second)

IMG_2905 IMG_2913


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