Meet Piper

So…you know how I have been rambling on about Ever After High dolls for a while? Well…yesterday guess who went out and bought one at Justice? Why moi of course! I picked out this adorable doll, who was originally the “Apple White” doll, but I renamed her Piper King. Although I wanted to get “Madeline Hatter” at first, she was unfortunately sold out, and so after some very thoughtful thinking, I picked out this cutie:) Below are some photos of her I took along with my thoughts…

IMG_2960 IMG_2964

The Good-

  • The quality of the doll. Let me just say, that after using Monster High dolls (my best friend has loads of them!) they start to get a little flimsy and their hands or arms can fall off, but the Ever After High dolls are very nicely made so I’m not worried that pieces will fall off and I won’t be able to get them back on.
  • The outfit. This is so cute! It uses soft material and I love the modern take on a fairytale dress. Plus, the ensemble comes with a fun headband, shoes (extremely cute, but look extremely painful.) , and apple purse that actually opens. I’m also very happy that you don’t have to take off Piper/Apple’s head and hands to get the clothes on or off like you do for some of the other dolls.
  • The hair. Oh, Piper’s hair has to be my personal favorite out of all the dolls from Ever After high that have been released so far, (although, Madeline Hatter’s mint green curls are pretty cool.) It’s easy to maintain and has a fashionable style. (Just warning you though-don’t brush her hair unless it is actually tangled, otherwise the curls might start to loose their shape.)
  • The Packaging. Okay, so the packaging may look like you need a chain saw to open it, but you don’t actually. The plastic cover of the box has tabs that can be slipped in and out, and the design of the box is actually really cool because of the background, and how it was made to look like a big storybook with an interview with your doll’s character on the back. Even better though is that the doll comes with a fun little book mark that folds out to be a story. Plus the box also contains a hidden doll stand – helpful for those times when your doll refuses to balance.

The Bad-

  • The ring. Ooh, this is adorable… and very small. If you cut the elastic off of the ring, it can fall off very easily and will most likely get lost. (Believe me, I already misplaced  it at least 3 times.)
  • The flexibility. Like I said above, Monster High Doll’s can move very freely, but these dolls are a bit different. Unlike MH dolls, Piper can’t move her legs around as much, which makes it harder for them to sit, (but after asking Bella to do it for me, it was accomplished.)

The Overall-

Anyways, I think Piper is super cute, and will bring lots of fun!

An Ever After High Doll currently comes with-One doll, one outfit (completed with a bag, hair piece, shoes, and tights,) one story/bookmark, one brush, and a doll stand.



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