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Hi! Don’t you just love dresses? From fancy gowns to cute tea party outfits or modern minis, dresses can work for all sorts of occasions and events! Below are some fun Etsy finds that I couldn’t wait to feature…


1. Although this adorable ensemble won’t actually be released until Thursday, I just couldn’t help but include it! The light colors and flattering shape work well with all sorts of shoes and hairstyles. (We suggest doing a fishtail or waterfall braid.)

This lovely dress (not yet released) is from the Etsy Shop Pippaloo.

2. This bold dress is complete with an extravagant pattern, but is toned don with the neutral palette. The colors also make it easy to accessorize because they go with almost any color! (Check out the fun emerald green necklace in the picture)

This cool dress is from the Etsy shop, JanieJumps

3. You’re doll will be good to go when she’s wearing this cute dress. The floral  pattern is the star of the show, and can go easily with a pair of basic flats and hair left down. Perfect for back to school and the weekends.

This fun dress is from the Etsy shop, Closet4Chloe

4. Bringing back vintage! This lace dress combines a historical-style cut with bright modern colors creating one elegant outfit. For special occasions, adding matching accessories like headbands or bracelets can really complete the look.

This pretty dress is from the Etsy Shop, Cupcake Cutie Pie

5. When looking for dresses, ones with embellished necklines or an extra detail can make the dress work for almost anything! The colors, and roses on this one are perfect for Fall and Winter, making sure your doll is as cute as always, even if she would rather stay home snuggled up in a blanket:)

This gorgeous dress is from the Etsy shop LoveEllieBean


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