Craft/ Friendship Bracelets


Some of you may remember when we wrote about friendship bracelets in the May/June issue for the ‘Best Friends Forever’ article. Anyways, in it, we wrote about fun things you can use your friendship bracelets for. Since I love to make friendship bracelets, I thought that I would show you these different styles I like to use because they’re easy, and they turn out so cute!

Bracelets1Woven Wonder

In this photo, our doll Ellie is showing off a woven style, wearing it as a classic bracelet.

You will need-Something to hold the bracelet down while you’re weaving, (I use a binder clip), scissors, and five different embroidery threads in your favorite colors.

1. Start by cutting five embroidery threads that are about 25 inches long, and tying them together, leaving a little loop at the top so that the original threads are now looped into two.

2. Now separateĀ the thread so that the matching colors are together.

3. Weave the pair that is farthest to the right under and over the other threads, so that it ends up on the far left.

4. Now do step three again with the pair of threads that are now on the far right. Keep repeating this until your bracelet is long enough to tie around your (or your doll’s) wrist.





Twisted Four

When I was working on this bracelet a few days ago, I accidentally cut it too short for my wrist, but then I discovered that it was the perfect size to make a headband for my doll Piper!

You Will Need-Something to hold your bracelet, scissors, four embroidery threads in a color that you love.

1. Start by cutting four strands of embroidery thread that are long enough to wrap around your wrist, (or whatever else you’re making this for,) twice. Tie them together in a double knot.

2. Taking one of the strands, fold it over so that it’s over the other threads, (it should end up looking like a 4.) Pull the strand through the hole and adjust it so that it’s tightly secured at the start.

3. Keep doing this with the same thread until you’ve looped it for about an inch. Do this with the other threads until the bracelet is big enough.


The Braided Bunch

Here our dolls Zoey, Ruthie and Hannah are showing off their stylish spirit with their fun accessories.

You Will Need-Embroidery thread, scissors.

The bracelets shown in the photo are simply just braided strands with colors that match the dolls’ personalities, but for a thicker style, try making three braids, and then braiding all of them together!

Here are some other fun ideas for how to use your bracelets.

  • Twist it into your dolls hair.
  • Make it into a cute belt
  • Use it as a bookmark
  • Make doll flip-flops with craft foam, and use your bracelet as the straps.
  • Glam up your doll’s backpack by making a fun key chain.

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