Back to School Week / 7 Days of Style


Seven-Days-of-Style-CollageDoes anyone else struggle with picking out what to wear each day? I know I do, and I am sure dolls have the same problem! Thankfully, with only ten basic items, your doll will have a week’s worth of outfits already chosen, so she can spend more time doing what she does best. Our ten items don’t have to be exactly like yours; as long as you have the same object, like a dress or shirt, creating seven outfits will be easy! Ready to get started? Here are the ten clothing pieces you need…

Seven-Days-ItemsGot everything? Great! :) Let’s move on to the outfits…

SundaySunday: Scarf {used as headband}, graphic tee, jeans, and neutral shoes

Have a lazy day on Sunday with this casual, but cute, outfit. Roll up the jeans to show off her adorable shoes, and use the scarf as a headband to keep her hair back. Perfect for a slow Sunday afternoon!

MondayMonday: Scarf, solid tee-shirt, jeans, and neutral shoes

Although this ensemble uses almost the same pieces as yesterday, it creates a completely new look! Your doll will look coordinated and wide awake on Monday morning with a bright scarf. Her neutral outfit lets her accessory shine!

TuesdayTuesday: Dress, leggings, and neutral shoes. Fashion hair tie used for ponytail.

Don’t let gym class stop your doll from wearing a dress! Adding leggings underneath makes it more sport-friendly, allowing her to run, jump, and flip with no worries. Tie back her hair in a casual side pony, but also let a few pieces loose to frame her face.

WednesdayWednesday: Solid tee-shirt, skirt, ballet flats. Ponytail holder used for ponytail.

Is it student council election day? Your doll has got everyone’s vote by wearing an adorable skirt and a solid tee. The pops of pink just go to show that she can have fun too!

ThursdayThursday: Solid tee-shirt, scarf, and neutral shoes. Ponytail holders used to make pigtails!

Art club is today after school! This outfit showcases your doll’s creativity by using the scarf as a skirt! Simply wrap it around as many times as needed, and secure in the back with a pin. Low pigtails keep her hair away from the paint, but still look stylish.

FridayFriday: Graphic tee, dress, and neutral shoes. Sparkly clip used in hair.

No one would be able to guess that your skirt was actually a dress! To stay comfortable, all your doll has to do is layer her favorite graphic tee over a similarly colored dress.

SaturdaySaturday: Sweater, solid tee-shirt, leggings, and ballet flats. Clip used to twist hair back.

Finally, after a long week at school, let your doll relax and read a good book in a large, comfy sweater. Leggings continue the casual look, but if she ever needed to step out, ballet flats would do the job.

I had so much fun putting together Cece’s {the model} outfits, and I hope you enjoy doing it for your own doll! If you make a fashionable outfit creation, we would love to see! Simply send in any photos and a short description to our email address: dollmagblog{at}gmail{dot}com. Thanks so much! :)


This was the first post for Back to School Week, a weeklong event here at Doll Mag. Be sure to check back for more doll-related fun!


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