Back To School Week / Glam Up Your Pencil Case



Is your doll ready for the new school year? She’ll need pencils, a notebook, and of course a pencil box to hold all her supplies! To make ours more fun, we came up with three ideas to decorate them! They are easy and they end up looking great.

Pencil Box #1 (Using Paper)

  • Start by covering the top of your pencil box with scrapbook paper
  • Add details that match the colors or patterns (We used a large star)

Pencil Box #2 (Using Felt)

  • Using felt, cut out different colored and sized circles
  • Polka dot your pencil-case! (Make sure to decorate the sides too.)

Pencil Box #3 (Using Ribbon)

  • Get a thick ribbon that matches the color of your pencil box, and tie it in a bow
  • Stick it on the case. Add a paper border if you want!


This was the second post for Back to School Week, a weeklong event here at Doll Mag. Be sure to check back for more doll-related fun!


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