AG Release August 2013 / Lulu’s Thoughts


A few days ago, Bella and I went to the American Girl Store, and got to see all of the items from the new release. I loved some items, but others I wasn’t too excited about. Below are my thoughts on the new items. (This was originally posted on my blog, theawesomeadventuresoflulu)

The Polar Bear PJs

Isn’t the pattern on these so cute? The dark and light blue look nice together, and the boots just top it all off!

Coconut Fun Outfit

This is a pretty cute outfit with great colors and pieces, but I don’t feel like they really go altogether. (I would probably replace the shorts with a skirt.)

Frosty Fair Isle and Jacket Outfit

 The sweater is so pretty in person, and those shoes are adorable, but I could most likely live without having American Girl put their logo on the gloves. Also, the fact that it costs $54 if you get the coat and accessories makes this outfit a bit less likable.

Sparkle Party Dress

Now this I really like! The skirt has a fun shape, and I love the detail on the shoulder. I would probably get rid of the tights, but otherwise it’s a pretty solid outfit.

Brocade Holiday Dress

This is a pretty dress, but I’m not really in love with the color. I’m all for the shoes though :)

Sparkle Sequin Outfit 

This probably has to be my favorite My AG doll outfit of the release. The purple color is more pinkish in person, and the collar is actually a ruffle instead of having the sequins sewn onto the shirt, but I still love the pieces and style.

Bitty baby

The New Bitty Baby Line

The new dolls are adorable! I’m glad that AG expanded their line, and redid a lot of the accessories, but I’ll still miss some old favorites.

Twinkle Party Dress

This isn’t my favorite party dress of all time, but the deep red is a nice shade, and the details make this a perfect outfit for the holidays.

Snowy Dream PJs

Ooh! I love that periwinkle color, along with the pink accents and patterns. The boots are so adorable, and I hope that we’ll be adding this to our doll collection in the future!

Nature Cutie Set

I love that hat! (I have one in the same style, and it happens to be pretty awesome ;)) The whole outfit overall though looks cozy and would work as a great winter outfit. (Although, I would probably end up snagging the fabric on something pretty quickly.)

Prima Ballerina Outfit

Oh cuteness! What else is there to say?

Purple Posies Outfit

How adorable! This is such a fun fall outfit, but it can work for winter and early spring too.

Dotty Coat Set

This has to be one of my favorite Bitty Baby Outfits ever! I love the details and accessories, but I do wish that the dress was tailored more.

Fair Isle Skirt Set

Why do all of the Fall/Winter Bitty Twin outfits have to be so cute? The colors in this are very fun for the upcoming season, and the headband is just too adorable not to love!

The Spa Chair

Isn’t this adorable? I love all the accessories… but not the fact that it costs more than an actual doll. I also don’t really see much use in it either.

Gymnastics Set

After the success of the McKenna gymnastics set, I was happy to see that AG came out with a new one that even has a cheaper price!

Snow Much Fun Set

What can I say? That snowman is pretty awesome!

What are your thoughts on the new stuff?

Lulu :)


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