AG Release August 2013 / Bella’s Thoughts


Lulu shared her thoughts yesterday, so I thought I would tell you what I think of American Girl’s latest release! Lulu went through everything already, so I am just pointing out the things I LOVE and the things I am not so pleased with. What did you think of the new release? Feel free to leave your link in the comments – we would love to see! :)

August-Likes[a] Design by Me: Treats I have never looked into the Design by Me books before, but because it was sweets/baking themed, I decided to look at it when I went to the store. It is essentially a big coloring book, and because I love coloring in the annual posters that come in the AG magazine, I think it would be lots of fun to own!

[b] Snowy Dreams PJ’s I think these are adorable! They’re meant for Bitty Babies, but if I ever got it, I would put it on my Bitty Twin doll, Lucy. She would look so cute for winter! :)

[c] Sparkle Sequin Outfit This outfit is not everyone’s favorite, and I can see why, {Sequins, pink and purple color combination, and a lack of quality are among the concerns.} but I personally like it. I think it would look really good on Ruthie or another doll with similar coloring.

[d] Cookie Baking Set Finally, I will pick up any doll food set, and this cookie one is no exception. It is extremely cute in person, and it has plenty of play value. My favorite part is the cookies; they are reversible so that they can “bake.”

Dislikes[a] Spa Chair Although the accessories are really cute, I can’t justify purchasing a spa chair for over one hundred dollars. It seems a bit too much, especially when you factor in how often you’ll use it. {I, for example, can’t see much play value in it.}

[b] Sparkle Party Dress It’s not horrendous, but compared to American Girl’s past holiday dresses, it is a little disappointing. It’s just too sparkly and poofy for me.

[c] Dotty Coat Set Initially, I really liked this set, but after seeing it in person, the quality and fit changed my mind. I do like the color, though!

Have a lovely Tuesday!




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