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Today, I was actually going to publish a fashion post about coats and jackets, but while I was browsing Etsy, I found some adorable historical-style dresses and outfits that I couldn’t resist. And so, here are my four favorite vintage outfits that I found…

1. This bright patterned dress is perfect for school! The colors and shape work on all sorts of dolls, and can go easily with quick hairstyles like a ponytail or braid, but can also look great with something like a bun or curls.

This fun outfit is from the Etsy shop, Tallulah Sophie

2. This Victorian era looking dress works great for all sorts of formal events. With the simple palette, but fine detail, your doll will be looking good where ever she goes.

This elegant dress is from the Etsy shop, Cupcake Cutie Pie

3. This doll knows that accessories can make or break an outfit! Using simple colors, you can add all kinds of details to an outfit, like the collar or hat in this case.

This detailed ensemble is from the Etsy shop, Babies Art Us

4. All eyes will be on your doll when she’s wearing this pretty dress. The soft color and material, along with the lace accents create one beautiful gown.

These fancy dresses are from the Etsy shop, Terri’s Touch

Which of these dresses are your favorites?



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