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Now that it’s October, the fall weather is coming, and it’s time for a seasonal update to your (and your doll’s) wardrobe! Above are some of Bella and my latest Etsy accessory finds that are perfect for any autumn activity.

1. It’s almost time to start bundling up! Whether your doll is playing outside or just going to school, she’ll look adorable in this cute scarf! With gold embellishments and soft material, it’s the perfect accessory to finish off any outfit.

This scarf is from the Etsy shop, Soda Pop Street

2. Your doll can show off a bit of glam with these pretty earrings! The colors and beads make them playful and fun, but the looping shape and gold tint add a touch of elegance.

These earrings are from the Etsy shop, 2 Sisters Sew Crafty

3. Whether your doll is trick-or-treating or simply hanging out with friends, she’ll look great in this Halloween-themed headband! The pattern and shape can look good with all sorts of hairstyles, from pony tails to fancy ballet buns.

This headband is from the Etsy shop, Janie Jumps

4. Isn’t this headband adorable? Even though it’s actually part of a complete outfit, it was too cute not to include. The vibrant colors and patterns can go along with all sorts of tops and would look great with a matching skirt!

This headband is from the Etsy shop, My Dressed Up Doll

5. Aren’t these tights great? The bold print and colors can add some style to even the simplest of outfits! We would recommend wearing them with a matching skirt, and an embellished sweater.

These tights are from the Etsy shop, Shimmer Myst

Do you have a favorite autumn accessory?



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