Tips And Tricks / Long Curly Hair


photoI’ve seen all sorts of fun hairstyles for American Girl dolls lately on blogs and websites, but I’ve only rarely seen tips on how to keep the basic hair controlled so that it doesn’t get frizzy or tangled. And so, Bella and I came up with a new series of posts called Tips and Tricks, that have all sorts of helpful tips on how to keep different types of hair looking good! Every couple of weeks or so, we’ll publish a Tips and Tricks post about a different hair type… today it’s all about long curly hair!

IMG_3592 IMG_3595 IMG_3597The tips below work well on dolls with hair like the 2007 Girl of the Year, Nicki, Historical Doll Caroline, and our own MyAG Payton {shown above!}

Step 1: Using a damp wash cloth, wet your doll’s hair with it so it will be easier to style. (It works even better than a spray bottle!)

Step 2: Brush out a frizzy ringlets. Then start to twist the doll’s hair up into mini ballet buns on the top of her head.

Step 3: Pin the ballet buns so they stay intact. Keep her hair up for about thirty minutes before taking out.

Step 4: Finally, style the ringlets so that they fall in place. 

Once you get used to the basic curling and styling of your doll’s hair, you can try lots of pretty hairstyles on them. Since long curly hair is so versatile, below are just some personal favorites.

  • Side Twists (which is actually what I did on Payton before the photo shoot.)
  • Half Up
  • High Pony Tails
  • Ballet Buns
  • Pulled to the side
  • Pigtails
  • Even just leaving their hair down looks great!

If you have any tips for long curly hair or have any questions, feel free to comment!

Lulu :)


One thought on “Tips And Tricks / Long Curly Hair

  1. I like this feature and will look forward to more tips. Patience is definitely required with the curly hair. My Lanie is getting a bit frizzy and I got 1/4 done and lost focus…she has so many ringlets and I don’t want to lose them.

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