Introducing Bri!


Bree1 Bree2

Guess whose birthday was on Wednesday? Lulu’s (Me!) of course! And guess what I received as a gift? Another Ever After High doll! She’s the Briar Beauty doll who I nicknamed Bri, and I think she’s so cute:) Above are some photos I took of her on Thursday in her original outfit with all of her accessories, and below are just some of my thoughts on the quality of the doll.

The Good-

  • The outfit. This is so cute! The color is really pretty and looks great with Bri’s hair, and I love the patterns and shapes. The accessories are nice, although I do wish the purse would open, but otherwise the tights and shoes look great, (but those heels do seem a bit painful!)
  • The hair. Even though it’s a bit hard to manage, I LOVE Bri’s hair. Because it was in the box so long, it was a bit messy and flat, but I was able to fix up the waves with a little hair care. I also really like the details in her hair like the pink highlights, and knot on the top of her head. Plus, the color and cute pink sunglasses really top it all off.
  • The doll stand. Unfortunately, when I got Piper, I forgot to get the doll stand out of the box, (you actually have the open the top of the box and dig inside the hollow part to find the stand,) but I did get Bri’s out! It’s very good quality, and the doll can get into it pretty easily, which makes it perfect for displaying (but not for actual playing…I can’t think of a reason why you would need a doll stand for that) and photographing.

The Bad-

  • There wasn’t any major problems with Bri, except for the fact that her accessories can fall off easily if you take off the elastics. I’m a bit worried about loosing the ring and the bracelet, and the purse slips off easily if it isn’t kept on with an elastic.
  • The sleeves. The sleeves of Bri’s dress are actually connected to her necklace and are made of plastic. I do wish they were part of the dress and were made out of cloth, but I do understand how those could unravel easily.

The Overall-

Bri is super adorable, and I recommend her to other doll lovers!

Ever After High Dolls currently come with one doll, one outfit, matching accessories, one doll stand, a story/bookmark, and a doll brush. 

Look back later in the week for a best friend photo shoot of Piper and Bri!

P.S. Along with Bri, I also got the Ever After High book written by Shannon Hale (one of my favorite authors.) I can’t wait to read it!


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