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As fall nears the halfway mark, the holidays begin to creep up. Here at Doll Mag, we have been working on our extra-special holiday issue since the beginning of September! Anyhoo, to make November and December a complete success, we need your help. Consider assisting us in these ways…

[1] Submit a book review of holiday novel. In the upcoming issue, we hope to feature reviews of the American Girl holiday stories, such as A Surprise for Caroline, Molly’s SurpriseCandlelight for Rebecca, etc. If it is an AG story set in the winter, we want your review! :) Please send a one to two paragraph review using the methods below. We have the right to alter reviews for clarification and the amount of space in the magazine.

[2] Send in holiday crafts, tips, photos, and more! During the month of December, we will have an extra-special event going on – and to make it even better, we want you to contribute! Simply submit a holiday-themed craft or a few tips. You can also send in photos of your dolls in their fancy dresses or a photo story. Be creative!

[3] Request to be interviewed! We are always on the lookout for shop owners to interview for Shop Owner Spotlight. Not only will you be featured in our magazine, you’ll also get your own post on our website! Interviews are super easy to complete; they are only five questions. This is a great way to get word out about your shop!

[4] Make up an article. Have an amazing idea for an article and want to see it in Doll Mag? Just email us! We’ll decide if your article is a good fit for an upcoming issue, and then go from there.

[5] There’s one more, but it’s a secret! To find out what our big contest is, check back on November 1st to read the holiday issue! We think you’ll like it :)

To complete any of these options, email us at dollmagblog[AT]gmail[DOT]com. You can also use the contact form here. Thank you so much friends!


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