Staff Picks / October 2013


The image for this post is currently under construction. Thank you so much for understanding! :)

October is a great month, isn’t it? Not only does it have great weather (and my birthday!), it also brings lots of fun crafts, clothes, ideas, and posts to the doll world! Above are six of Bella and my favorite doll-related things that have been talked about this month.

1. Bella loves this beautiful hairstyle! Although it looks really complicated to complete, it only takes a few minutes to do.

2. So by now, I’m guessing you all know about my Ever After High doll obsession, so you can guess my excitement when I saw photos of this new doll (isn’t she so cute?) that will be coming out later this year!

3. We have really enjoyed reading the Doll Wardrobe’s series of Halloween posts all about AG’s costume (or lack of) creativity. It made us laugh out loud!

4. Your dolls can be cozy and cute when snuggling in this no-sew sleeping bag! They’re easy to make, and look so good when they’re done.

5. This recent outdoor photo so well done! Go over to Dolly Dorm Diaries and check it out :)

6. We love Pippaloo’s clay doll food, and last week we were able to purchase some adorable peanut butter cookies for our dolls! Yummy!

Hope that these crafts and posts inspire you to make something fun too,



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