Twist Up / Horrid Hair


Don’t you love Ellie’s silly hair style? To get into the Halloween spirit, Bella and I came up with this adorable hairstyle that is extremely wacky, but is still perfect for trick-or-treating on Thursday! Today, our lovely model Ellie showed it off. It may look hard, but it is actually really easy to do.

You will need: A doll hair brush, pipe cleaners, ponytail holders.

1. Using your brush, pull your doll’s hair up into two pigtails on the top of her head, leaving some hair down.

2. Get a colored pipe cleaner and twist it around your doll’s pigtail; do this on the other side as well.

3. Twist the two pigtails together so that they stand up and secure with an elastic.

4. Brush out the rest of the hair, and make sure there are no fly away strands.

Do you have any wacky hair style ideas for your dolls?



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