Magazine / Holiday 2013


Doll-Mag-November-December-2013I don’t know about you, but once November hits, I am go into full holiday mode! That makes our latest issue of Doll Mag perfectly timed; we have unofficially named it the holiday issue :) If you take a peek inside, you’ll find…

  • an interview with Molly and Emily before they go into the American Girl archives!
  • festive crafts made with mini jingle bells.
  • our favorite ideas for presents.
  • an Ever After High doll guide.
  • and much, much more!

You can read the current issue here.

Enjoy, and have a wonderful start to your November!


11 thoughts on “Magazine / Holiday 2013

  1. I have the WordPress app on my iPhone, and checked it this morning – I was feeling awful sick and needed a pick me up- and saw this, and I think I sat there on the couch and read this magazine on my phone.

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