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Don’t you just love lace? Whether it’s being used as a small detail or as the eye-catching star of the outfit, lace can be used in all sorts of ways! Above are some of my latest finds for dolls that use it.

1. Don’t you love this beautiful dress? It’s perfect for a special occasion with its details and fancy shape, plus it looks good with lots of hairstyles! When trying to find a fancy dress for your doll, try looking for a neutral shade that flatter any doll with lots of pretty embellishments.

This elegant dress is from the Etsy shop, Love Ellie Bean

2. Bella and I both LOVE this shirt (and everything else from the Janie Jumps Etsy Shop :)) because of its trendy style and color, but not only that, it also has a bit of lace to top it all off! To finish off a casual outfit, try adding a shirt like this one.

This fashionable shirt is from the Etsy shop, Janie Jumps

3. This open-back lace top is both comfy and cute! The shape and material make it a style that works for all sorts of occasions when paired with the right accessories. For example, skinny jeans and ballet flats would look great with this top! A simple color paired with lace looks great on almost any doll.

This stylish top is from the Etsy shop, Cutie Pie and Me

4. Need something fancy to wear, but aren’t in the mood for a dress? Then this skirt is a good option! The contrasting colors and patterns create a bold and pleasing look.

This bold skirt is from the Etsy shop, LizzieBee Design

5. I just think that this shirt is adorable! The pale blue and loose style of the shirt looks great. We recommend pairing it with jeans and flats, but TOM-style shoes and sandals work too.

This cute tank is from the shop, Liberty Jane

6. Finally, we have a fun floral top with a lace material on top to make a very stylish tee! Since there are already two patterns (the floral and the lace) in the shirt, the rest of the outfit should be made up of solid colors so that they don’t distract away from the standout piece.

This fun shirt is from the Etsy shop, LoriLiz Girls and Dolls

Do you own any lace items for your dolls?

Lulu :)


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