Before and After Hair Care / 03



Hair-Care-LogoIt’s been quite a while, a few months actually, since our last Before and After Hair Care, so here’s a new one that is perfect for any upcoming holiday dinners or parties! The mini bun is so simple, and it complements a half-up hairstyle perfectly. Although Ruthie is sporting it with her mid-length curly hair, this do will work on almost any length. Layered-hair dolls might have more trouble, however, because the shorter hairs will stick out; you’ll just need to use bobby pins instead of an elastic to secure the bun. Finally, this may look good with any outfit, but let’s all agree that it’s best with a sequined dress :)

IMG_3934You will need…

  • A doll hair brush
  • Two elastics
  • Mini bobby pins, if needed


  1. Start by pulling the hair in front of your doll’s ears back, and secure with an elastic.
  2. Next, take the pulled back hair and twist into a mini bun. Use another elastic, and secure. If your doll has longer hair or layers, use mini bobby pins for extra reinforcement.
  3. Wear with a gorgeous dress!

IMG_3935Have a lovely night!


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