Let’s Get Cozy / Style



I personally can’t stand the cold, so sweaters are always a cute and cozy option for the chillier months, and our dolls think so too! We would just love to own any of the sweaters above because of their patterns, colors, or stylish simplicity.

1. This bold pattern makes a smart and stylish statement! Even better it has a fun tunic length and a muted tone, so you can do a pop of color with a hair clip or headband.

This fashionable sweater is from the Etsy Shop, AM-PM Creations Too

2. Don’t you just love this pretty purple shade? For an outfit that’s perfect for school or hanging out with friends, try pairing this stylish sweater (it even has elbow pads!) with a pair of jeans or skirt along with some cute flats.

This classic-style sweater is from the Etsy shop, MonChatDansLaLune

3. When your doll is at home on the weekends and needs something to lounge around in that is still cute, this sweater is for her! It goes great with leggings or jeans and a pair of boots.

This bold sweater is from the shop, Dreamworld Collections

4. Need a little pop of color? Add an extra layer like this sweater for a bit of fun and texture. It goes great with almost any hairstyle and accessories!

This fun sweater is from the Etsy shop, 123 Mulberry Street

5. This sweater is both comfy and adorable! With a combination of vibrant colors, patterns, and soft material, this sweater will make your doll ready for any event.

This cozy sweater is from the Etsy shop, Debonair Designs

What are your doll’s favorite sweaters?



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