Tips and Tricks / Short Curly Hair


Tips-and-Tricks-Short-Curly-HairOne of my favorite doll’s hair to style is Sally’s. {She’s shown below.} It’s just so cute and it looks good in all sorts of different hair styles. Even better, it’s really easy to maintain if you know the right way. In this post, I wrote up my best tips on keeping care of Sally’s curls!

IMG_3940The tips below also work well on dolls with hair like the 2010 Girl of the Year, Lanie, and Historical Doll Ruthie.

Step 1: Brush out your doll’s curls or ringlets. Don’t worry if they fall out-of-place, but just make sure you don’t brush too hard!

Step 2: Start to twist your doll’s hair into coils on top of your doll’s head.

Step 3: Use large pins or clips to keep the coils or twists secure.

Step 4: Leave this in over night or for an hour if you need it to be a quick touch-up!

Step 5: The next morning, you can take the pins out, and your doll’s hair should be ready! Some dolls might need some extra styling or a bit of water to keep the fly away hairs to stay down.

Below is a list of my favorite hair styles to do on short curly-haired dolls that keep it looking neat and adorable.

  • Pigtails – for a fancier occasion, try doing a little twist into the pigtails
  • Half Up
  • High Pony – you can style it to look like a ballet bun!
  • Small Braid

What styles do you like for your doll’s hair?

Lulu :)


8 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks / Short Curly Hair

    • Hi!
      I totally recommend that doll! As for the name suggestions, Bella and I both like Heather, Lauren, Penelope, and Sadie (which is what I was going to name Sally before I came up with Sally.)

      Hope that helps!

  1. Thank you so much for recommending her, and the lovely name suggestions! One of my little sisters is named Penelope, so that one’s out unfortunately! I think Heather and Lauren are my two favourites! Thanks again!

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