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As anyone might imagine, we love to “DIY” over here at Doll Mag! We have collected a lot of craft supplies over the years, but Lulu and I always use a few items in almost every craft. As it is nearing gift-giving season {and what’s better than a homemade gift?!}, we figured that sharing our crafting essentials might be helpful! Do you have an overflowing amount of art supplies like us?

Craft-Supplies-1Take a look at any of our past crafts, and you’ll see that felt is used all the time! Felt comes in every color of the rainbow, and it is very easy to work with. It’s really cheap to get at craft stores, so buy a few sheets in your favorite colors all at once – you’ll be prepared!

Foam is another item that comes in many colors. Again, it is an easy material to work with, and the possibilities of what it could become are endless!

Not only is scrapbook paper pretty to look at, it is also very useful. When purchasing scrapbook paper, look for variety; you don’t want ALL glitter or ALL solid, rather you want different types of paper. This way, you can change the look of a certain craft just by changing out the sheet! Not a fan of scrapbook paper? Construction paper is a good substitute.

Craft-Supplies-2Pom-poms! Lulu and I like having different colors and sizes to work with. Scale is important. Too tiny or too big pom-poms could skew you results.

Pipe cleaners are fun to play with and twist together, aren’t they? They can be a bit hard to cut, so ask an adult for help if necessary.

A ruler is necessary for precise measurements. You don’t need anything fancy, just be sure you can measure in both inches and centimeters.

The ability to hand-sew is such a useful skill! You don’t need the amount of embroidery thread we have, just a few staple colors. Of course, with embroidery thread, you’ll also need sewing needles! Both of these are sold at craft stores.

Tape is a crafter’s best friend, in our opinion! We use it for everything, including taping things together and hanging things up.

I just bought this pink mini glue gun a few weeks ago, and I can already tell you that it was worth the investment. Gluing together materials takes minutes now, and the dry time is much quicker. Bonus points if you can find one in a fun color like we did! :)

Finally, recycled items from around your house are great craft supplies too! Old boxes, toilet paper and paper towels rolls, and other bottles will definitely be nice to have around.

Have a terrific evening of crafting!


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