Staff Picks / November 2013



November was such a great month for posts in the doll world! From photo stories to Etsy items, there was all sorts of awesomeness! Even though I haven’t felt very well today, all of these posts and photos made me smile…

1. This pretty turquoise dress is so cute! I think the shimmery details make it perfect for the upcoming holidays.

2. Bella loves this blog she found today! Addy is such a cute model, and the photos are great.

 3. This craft is so easy to make, and the results are so cute!

4. Isn’t Ivy’s coat so adorable? Over at Adollable Dolls, Ivy modeled for some photos in the snow.

5. Both Bella and I love this cute photo story! The photos are so well done:)

6. This easy hairstyle is so pretty! I think I might try it out on one of our dolls tomorrow.

Did you find any posts you loved this month?



5 thoughts on “Staff Picks / November 2013

  1. Wow! Thanks, Bella and Lulu, for picking my blog (#2) for “November 2013 Staff Picks”.
    I have been looking through your blog and am really enjoying the posts. I also love the magazine covers you put together.

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