Happy Hanukkah and Updates


Happy-Hanukkah!All of us at Doll Mag hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday, and to all of our friends celebrating, a good start to your Hanukkah too! Zoey here is modeling with our new cookies from the always wonderful shop, Pippaloo; although we don’t celebrate Hanukkah, the cookies were too cute to resist!

IMG_4090Here are a few other updates in the Doll Mag world…

[1] We’re on Pinterest! We are just starting out, so please be patient with us as we update our bio and picture. Meanwhile, feel free to follow us HERE for updates on issues and other crafts from around the web!

[2] There’s still over a month left to enter our Cover Contest, which you can read all about in our Current Issue HERE. The prize is pretty awesome – your doll can be on the cover of Doll Mag! :)

[3] The next issue of Doll Mag {January/February 2014} will be published on January 2nd, a day later than usual, due to the Girl of the Year interview.

[4] Finally, we have pushed back the date of our special present to you, which was mentioned in the current issue. Instead of being posted this Sunday, we will be giving it out later in December. Lulu and I have decided that a later date would be better so that our gift will be absolutely perfect for you all!

Thank you for your continued support! Lulu and I are so, so grateful for our wonderful readers. Your sweet notes and comments make our days :)

xo, B


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