Holiday Spirit / Holiday Headquarters


To kick off the Holiday Headquarters celebration, we’re sharing four easy ways to get into the holiday spirit, modeled by the always lovely Payton. I don’t know about you, but it hasn’t really hit me yet that it is December! I’m sure once we put our Christmas tree up, it will truly feel like the holidays, but meanwhile, I’ll be sprinkling little bits of festivity here and there :) How do you get into the holiday spirit?

Watch-Holiday-MovieFor me and Lulu, watching holiday specials is practically tradition! We each have our favorites as we’re sure you do too. Payton and Julie both LOVE the movie, Elf, so they threw on their PJ’s, made some popcorn, and made paper snowflakes while watching the film! Instant holiday spirit done.

Wear-Something-FestiveIt would be hard not to feel festive when wearing a Santa hat or reindeer antlers! Even throwing on a tee adorned with a snowflake is a way to be more festive! A fun chain-link garland is optional, but, of course, recommended :)

Eat-GingerbreadGingerbread men cookies are everywhere this time of year, so even if you are not the best baker, you should be able to find a batch of them to buy! We won’t judge if you sneak a second cookie – they are very yummy.

Random-Act-of-KindnessPayton knows that doing any random act of kindness not only helps someone else, it will help you feel happier too! Giving a compliment, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or donating toys will brighten your day and help the greater good. What could be better?!

Those are our four steps to getting into the holiday spirit, but we would love to hear yours as well!  In the meantime, we’ll be sipping hot cocoa and eating gingerbread men.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!





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