Party Dresses / Holiday Headquarters Style


So, how did you like Bella’s Holiday Headquarters post yesterday? I thought it came out super adorable! To continue our holiday theme I wrote up a post about wintery dresses that I found on Etsy, and I think they’re super cute! The ones below are more holiday-party-style, but they would look good for other occasions too…

Holiday Dresses

1. Going to a Christmas Party? A dress like this one is great for a fancy occasion! It’s shiny material makes a bold statement, but is toned down a bit by the plaid details. To top it off, you can style you doll’s hair in all sorts of ways to match.

This cute dress is from the Etsy shop, Cupcake Cutie Pie.

2. The neutral tone of this dress makes it perfect for pairing with a colorful bracelet or headband. Even better, a big hair piece like the pretty bow in the photo tops it all off and creates a cute and stylish look!

This pretty dress is from the Etsy shop, My Dressed Up Doll

3. This adorable dress is perfect for any doll with a sweet style! When looking for holiday dresses, we recommend searching for ones with a cute collar, and a bit of embellishment, in this case, the flower.

This stylish dress is from the Etsy shop, Doll Petite Couture.

4. If your doll loves fancy and glittery clothes, this is the dress for her! The sparkly zigzag gives the dress a cute shape, and the flowing skirt creates an elegant ensemble.

 This stylish dress is from the Etsy shop, Lori Liz Girls and Dolls.

Does your doll have a favorite holiday dress?



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