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Don’t you love giving gifts to your friends and family during the holiday season? It makes you and them feel good, so why not continue that and give your dolls a little something too? There’s plenty of places where you can find doll-sized clothes, food, and furniture, but one of our favorites is on Etsy! You can probably tell I go on it a lot, because of all my style posts, but there are some things I specifically look for when browsing through shops. Below are my three best tips and a list of some shops Bella and I love…

Tip #1: Try finding good quality photos, and make sure you read the reviews. Doing these will make sure you find quality items and reliable shops.

Tip #2: Read the description! You must read the description so you know what you’re getting, (example: the doll wearing the clothes in the photo most likely won’t come with the outfit.) Generally, the shop owners will say the material or what pattern they used in the description too.

Tip #3: Order fast! If you love an item for sure and are thinking about purchasing it, get it quickly. A lot of the clothes Etsy shop owners sell are one-of-a-kind since they’re handmade, and especially during the holidays, items sell extremely quickly!

Finally, these are some Etsy shops Bella and I both really like (Just to get you started) …

Happy shopping,



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