Nutcracker Doll / Holiday Headquarters Craft


Hello!Slide1It’s been a little while, but I am glad to be back blogging for Doll Mag! :) The play I was involved in went wonderfully last weekend, and now, I have a relaxing few weeks to look forward to {Winter Break is almost here!}. Anyhoo, for today’s Holiday Headquarters activity, I am really excited to share this adorable craft. I think the nutcrackers are oh-so cute, don’t you? Made with materials you most likely have around, these little guys are the perfect size for any holiday-loving doll. They look really nice lined up in a row or just by themselves, as Hannah models with her favorite below.




  • Construction paper in the colors of your choice {we used tan for the skin color, red for the coat, black for the hat, blue for the pants, and yellow for accents!}
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Toilet paper tube
  • Glue
  • Markers



  1. Cut out a strip of paper for the face of the nutcracker doll. Always cut a bit larger than you may think you need. It’s better to have to trim a bit than to cut too short! Tape around the toilet paper tube.
  2. Repeat for the coat, pants, and hat.
  3. Add in eyes, a mouth, and coat details with the markers.
  4. For the finishing touches, cut a thin strip of yellow paper and tape as a belt. Cut out an angled piece of black construction paper and glue to the front to act as the flap of the hat.

That’s it! Now your doll can have dozens of nutcrackers, if you so wish.

Hope your holiday season is going well! :)



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