Coats / Holiday Headquarters Style


Coat Collage

It’s getting cold outside! (It even snowed this week where we live:)) Your dolls can still look stylish if it’s chilly though, as long as she’s wearing these cute coats…

1. This coat is the perfect thing to top off any outfit. It’s neutral color palette and vintage pattern make it fashionable and cute, and it even has a collar for a bit of extra charm!

This stylish coat is from Closet4Chloe

2. This fun coat is so adorable! The playful pattern and bright colors would look good with casual pieces like boots and leggings or jeans.

This cute coat is from Cupcake Cutie Pie

3. Is it snowing outside? Your doll can stay warm in this cozy coat-and look good at the same time! The light pink color and texture is pretty and would look nice on a doll with dark hair, but any doll could rock it!

This cozy coat is from Dreamworld Collections

4. We just love this stylish coat! The purple details and big buttons add a bit of cuteness, but it still has a bit of classic elegance.

This fashionable coat is from Doll Petite Couture

5. This long coat won’t just keep your doll warm, it will also get her lots of compliments! The shape and details are so stylish, and you can add all sorts of accessories to the basic colors.

This adorable coat is from Maddie’s Girls



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