Holiday Dresses Part 2 / Holiday Headquarters Guest Post


As, promised, here are two more tutorials for holiday wear from the always talented N over at Paper Doll World! These were inspired by dresses of the 1920’s and the 1940’s, so they are perfect for the historical paper doll, or the modern doll that enjoys time-traveling :) Enjoy!


This 1920’s outfit was inspired by the dress shown above.

Paper-Doll-World-Holiday1 / Trace the doll’s basic outline for the dress, and add the detail at the hem.

2 / Draw in geometric shapes to indicate the beaded patterns. Don’t worry about making them look perfect, since they’ll get covered up in the next step.

3 / With metallic markers {pretty much anything will work, but I prefer metallic markers because they give the effect of glittering beads}, color in the areas that you drew. I recommend stippling, instead of long strokes, to further emphasize the idea of beads.

4 / Cut it out and attach it to the doll. If you still have them, you can re-use the necklace and headscarf from the Halloween flapper tutorial.


This 1940’s dress was inspired by the gown shown above.

Paper-Doll-World-Holiday-21 / Trace the doll’s basic body shape for the dress outline.

2 / Draw in the ribbon details in the skirt, and the seams in the bodice.

3 / Color in the dress. I wanted the dress to be brighter, so I added some pink and colored the skirt ribbons in a gradient pattern.

4 / Cut it out, and attach it to the doll.

Once again, a huge thank-you to N! We had a blast working together, and we hope that you enjoyed seeing all of the amazing dresses.

Have a wonderful night!


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