Staff Picks / December 2013


Staff Picks Dec. 2013

With Christmas coming up for us and with all of our Holiday Headquarters posts, we’ve been really busy at Doll Mag for the last month… and so have lots of other doll-lovers! There have been all sorts of great posts, and we are so excited to feature a few.

1. At Adollable Dolls, Ivy and Cecile got their Christmas tree, and it’s all recorded in this cute photo story.

2. We’ve both have had so much fun looking at these adorable posts from last December at the Pleasant Piper blog. They are perfect inspiration!

3. One of our favorite Etsy shops, Janie Jumps, had a winter release earlier this week. We were VERY excited to see the first batch of items! :)

4. Clarisse has such an awesome style! Check out her fashionable doll clothes over at Clarisse’s Closet.

5. Inky continued her annual tradition and went to see the Nutcracker ballet! Doesn’t she look gorgeous and ready to see the show?

6. At The Salty’s blog, Elizabeth and Chrissa had a gift exchange. It puts Bella and me in an instant gift-giving spirit!

What were your favorite doll-related things this month?

Lulu :)


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