The Book Nook / December 2013


BookNookWe are very delighted to announce one of the newest members to the Doll Mag team today! Lydia, a Doll Mag fan, is now our Site Book Reviewer, and she will be popping in from time to time to review books {most of the time they will be American Girl ones}. Of course, her posts need a catchy name, thus we have decided to call Lydia’s reviews “The Book Nook.” :) For her first review, Lydia decided to read Felicity’s Surprise by Valerie Tripp. Lulu and I personally think that this is the perfect holiday read – hopefully you do too! 


Summary: Felicity is invited to a dancing lesson at the Governor’s Palace, the most wonderful honor she can imagine! Mother promises to make a beautiful new gown for her for the dance. As the splendid event draws near, however, Mother becomes dreadfully ill. Felicity spends all her days caring for her, sadly accepting that there will be no new gown and no chance to go to the Palace. No chance, that is, until a grand surprise reminds her that Christmas is a time when hopes and dreams do come true.

My Review: Just like all the American Girl Christmas stories, this is a really good book. Felicity was actually interested in a gown this time! I think Felicity is a better character this time than in the first book. Elizabeth was really sweet, like always. Felicity was really nice skipping the palace ball dance lesson to take care of her mother. William and Nan were kind of the cutest things ever! Overall, this was a great novel and I give this book five stars out of five.

We can’t wait to hear more of Lydia’s reviews in the new year! Lulu and I will also spend some time introducing a few other people who have joined the Doll Mag staff. It’s an exciting time, friends!


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