Baking Cookies / Holiday Headquarters Photo Story


After the success of my last photo story, The Amazing Payton, I decided to make a holiday-themed one, starring Doll Mag’s own adorable Bitty Twins, Lucy and Bridget…


Today Bridget called her best friend Lucy over to make some cookies!


After putting their aprons on, the two girls decided to make sugar cookies, and grabbed the recipe from the crowded cabinet.


“Okay, we have all the supplies and ingredients, so are we good to go?” Lucy asked Bridget, who was holding the recipe. She nodded up and down, and they started pouring and mixing items into the big bowl.


Once they made the dough, Bridget grabbed the rolling pin, and started to spread the dough out and press the sharp cookie cutters into it to make all sorts of winter shapes.


Once the cookies had baked in the oven and cooled off, Lucy grabbed the sprinkles and icing from the shelf.


Don’t they look amazing?


“These are so yummy!” Bridget exclaimed in between bites of cookie. “Mm-hmm!” Lucy agreed.

Have you made any cookies lately?


3 thoughts on “Baking Cookies / Holiday Headquarters Photo Story

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