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The January release is one of, if not the most, anticipated time of year for American Girl! This year, the newest Girl of the Year, Isabelle Palmer, was released with her collection, as well as some items for other AG lines. Lulu went through a large chunk of the new items on Wednesday, so I’m just going to discuss my favorites and my not-so favorites. Like always, if you have shared your own thoughts on the new release, let us know! We would love to compare :)

January 2014 Likes

[a] The Isabelle Books I haven’t read the GOTY books in a few years, but I think I will try with the Isabelle ones! I’m really intrigued with the three books; this is the first time American Girl has come out with three novels for one girl of the year. I also love her main themes – fashion design and dancing. How fun!

[b] Isabelle’s Mix and Match Outfit #3 I love the Mix and Match idea for Isabelle’s collection. It makes it much easier to create unique outfits with other AG items and Etsy clothing for dolls! One of my favorite combinations is of her purple leotard and her yoga pants.

[c] Isabelle’s Dance Case This dance case is one of my favorite accessory sets of this release! I really like the different hair pieces included, especially those fun, glittery headbands.

[d] Snuggly Sleeping Bag Finally, isn’t this sleeping bag for the Bitty Twins oh-so cute?! I was so excited to see the line get a few new things. My Bitty Twin, Lucy, loves a new item :) Personally, I find the print and design of the sleeping bag very adorable. I’m sure this will be coming home soon!

January 2014 Dislikes

[a] Pretty Pink Outfit This dress is just a little too pink for me. I am also not a fan of the design. The sleeveless dress doesn’t seem appropriate for a winter holiday, and the ruffles don’t add a lot of shape. The concept is good, but the execution of it could be improved on!

[b] Isabelle’s Performance Set It’s not all that bad, but my initial reaction was that it had a lot going on. I am not sure how accurate it is in terms of dance, but I would have loved to have seen something a bit simpler and elegant. Maybe that’s just me?

[c] Friends are Sweet Set This seems to be a cheap set to me. I’m sure you could make plenty of these things on your own. In fact, we made a version of the banner in our latest issue, and it was for much less than $20.

Have a wonderful rest of your Friday!


13 thoughts on “AG Release January 2014 / Bella’s Thoughts

  1. Hi Bella!
    Oh my goodness, I agree with you on practically everything here!!! Especially the Performance set. I used to do ballet and we never wore anything like that!

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