Our New Friends Grace and Meatloaf


For Christmas, we both received a new friend to add to our doll family! Lulu got the Blondie Lockes Ever After High doll, and Bella got Meatloaf from American Girl :) Both of them are super adorable, and we decided to do a photo shoot with them for their introduction to Doll Mag.



Isn’t Grace so adorable? She was originally named Blondie Lockes, which I then changed to Grace Lockes. Blondie joins her ever-growing collection of nicknames though, which also includes Gracie, Goldie, Goldilocks, and G. Lockes. I love her dress, which has a blue and yellow palette and key and bear patterns. Even better, she has super stylish shoes, which I am obsessed with. She has long wavy blonde hair that lives up to her original name :)  Overall, Grace is so photogenic, and I can’t wait to use her more in the future!


Meatloaf is another well-loved addition to the Doll Mag family! He has the cutest expression and is the perfect model for photos. He is currently hanging out with Coconut, but, like Grace, expect to see more of Meatloaf soon!

What do you think of our new additions?

Lulu and Bella


10 thoughts on “Our New Friends Grace and Meatloaf

  1. I like that you renamed Grace. There are so many other forms of “gold” that the manufacturer could have used to name her – calling her Blondie (although that was a great cartoon and movie series) seems to be lazy.

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