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It has been a good start to the new year for Doll Mag! We’re not even a week into the release of our latest issue, yet we have already received lovely feedback. Lulu and I want to thank you so much for your continued support. Today, we just want to share a few reminders and updates about what is happening in the Doll Mag world right now – it can be hard to keep up!

[1] Doll Mag’s First-Ever Cover Contest Have the most photogenic doll? Did you receive a new doll for the holidays? Consider snapping a few photos and developing their personality and enter our first-ever cover contest! If you win, your own photo will be featured on the cover, and your doll will be featured in an article of the next {March/April} issue!

You can read all of the details HERE, but there are two more things to add: The deadline has been moved to Sunday, January 12th, so you can use the weekend for photo-taking if needed. {We personally know how hard it is to get a photograph during the school week!} We also want to clarify that other dolls can be in the photos, as long as your featured girl is prominent. Good luck!

[2] The Great Reader Survey Can we just say that we love our readers?! Thank you so much for all of your survey entries so far. All of your kind words make us smile, and your comments and questions have already helped us generate more ideas! If you haven’t entered yet, you may do so HERE.

[3] Contributors We are always open to submissions for the magazine or for our website from our readers. If you have an amazing idea, let us know! We can’t promise that it will be followed up, but we will definitely hear what you have in mind. {On a more specific note? If you have an Etsy shop, feel free to email us to be interviewed.}

[4] Site Photos Finally, we just wanted to give a little shout-out to Jennifer Vallez for making our lovely bio portraits. We are in LOVE, if you haven’t noticed :)

Have a wonderful rest of your day!



6 thoughts on “Help Us Out! / 02

  1. Hi!
    I was just wondering if you wanted a Fashion/Hairstyle (mostly fashion) contributor to your site, because I’d love to help!


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