Winter Photo Shoot / January 2014


As you probably know by now, I really like Ever After High dolls, and I own three myself. Unfortunately, they have such specific body molds, no clothes I have fit them except their own, so during the holidays I was very excited to see that I would be receiving three Ever After High outfits for my dolls! I got them a couple of weeks ago from the excellent Etsy shop, MoonSight68, and I fell in love with the cute fabrics and designs. The clothes were so cute, I decided to do a photo shoot starring our very own EAH dolls, Bri, Piper, and Grace…

IMG_0932Doesn’t Piper look great in the sweater and skirt set?

IMG_0943 Grace’s dress almost blends in with the snow!

IMG_0951Bri looks stunning in her cool multi-colored dress!

IMG_0959Group Shot!

Have you done any fun winter-themed things with your dolls?



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