We Got The Campus Snack Cart!



Christmas was a couple of weeks ago, but since then, we have had lots of fun with the Campus Snack Cart! I had been wanting it for a while, but it was a little pricey, so I was super excited and happy to finally receive it as a present! :) Below are my thoughts and short descriptions of all of the items included… in case you need some convincing to get it yourself!



  • Ice Cream Cones / These are adorable! I love the simplicity of them, but I also like the details of the cone and sprinkles. They fit in the doll’s hand easily so they can carry them around, but the scaling is off. Only one ice cream cone could possibly fit in the ice cream cone box, not the four the cart comes with.


  • Ice Cream Sandwiches / These are also cute, and I really like the texture with the dots on top and the bumps in the sides to make them seem more realistic, but it wasn’t like they were my favorite items.


  • Smoothies / I have to say that I love most of American Girl’s drinks, and I usually can’t resist an accessory set with a pair of cute lemonades or punch. The two smoothies that come with this set are also really great! I have seen some better versions of doll sized smoothies before, but the logo and bright colors are still fun.


  • French Fries / The french fries are a bit oddly scaled, but I still think they’re adorable! The coloring is a bit odd, although the shape and textures are really cute. Even better, they come in little red buckets with napkins to make it seem even more realistic.


  • Hot Dogs / During the summer, AG had the Doll Parties set on sale, so we got it, and it came with four hot dogs with mustard on them. This set came with two hot dogs with mustard on them, so now we have a growing amount :) They’re very cute, but I wish that one hot dog had ketchup and one had mustard because the set comes with a mustard and a ketchup bottle.


  • Corn on the Cob / These are so fun! Although they weren’t my favorite of all the foods, I do have to say that they have amazing detail on the corn kernels.


  • Fruit Kabobs / I LOVE these! They’re a bit small, but the fruit is realistic and colorful. They fit really well in the little paper trays, so the scaling for that was well done. The fruit kabobs could also work for a doll’s school lunch or a picnic, so I can’t wait to use them more.




  • Accessories / The food accessories consist of a basic ice cream scooper, a pair of tongs, mustard and ketchup bottles, a hot dog cooker, an ice cream cone box, and paper trays. The scooper and tongs are cute, but the thing that really stood out was the hot dog cooker. It lights up, and spins! I also like the ketchup and mustard bottles because they’re probably just what you’d see at a snack cart in real life. The ice cream cone box is cute, but kind of small, since as I said above, only one ice cream cone could really fit in it. The paper trays aren’t that bad in size, but I do wish they were a little bigger and sturdier.

O V E R A L L   C A R T


  • Canopy / The canopy is really cute! It’s colors match the cart and hand towel, but I think that the striped pattern was a bit contrasting, and that a solid color would have been a better choice. You can take the canopy off the cart, so the cart can also act as a kitchen island.


  • Microwave/Refrigerator / The refrigerator is basically just a drawer, but it can hold a lot, and you can open and close it easily. The microwave though is really fun, and you can turn the dials and open it up, but the door on ours keeps getting stuck so it can be hard to open.
  • Sink / On the counter of the cart, there’s a cute sink that you can pretend to turn on and off which I think really adds to the set, but it does limit the counter space.


  • Menu / On one side of the cart there’s an adorable little menu that lists all of the food, but not the prices which I thought made it seem much less realistic.


  • Towel Bar / There’s a small towel bar you can use to hold the apron and dish towel, but if you pull on it too hard, it can come off. (If this happens though, it’s super easy to push it back on.)


  • Apron / I was pretty happy to see that the Campus Snack Cart comes with a basic pink apron, which we’ll be able to use a lot in the future. It was also a plus to see that American Girl didn’t put the Innerstar University logo on it.


  • Dish Towel / Not too much to talk about here, but the set does come with a dish towel in one of AG’s signature patterns (the weird four-petaled flower thing) that matches the pattern on the cart.


  • Money / We have a growing collection of doll money, but we didn’t have any coins (except for the dime that Julie’s meet outfit accessories came with…but I have no idea where that went…) so I was excited to see that you got a whole pack of them! The only problem with them is that they could easily be lost.

Overall, I LOVE this set, and I’m sure it will bring hours of fun :)


Credits / Written by Lulu; photos and edited by Bella; modeled by Sally!


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