Shop Owner Spotlight / 03


Miri of Amberfire InspireToday, we are showcasing the lovely Miri who owns the Etsy shop, Amberfire Inspire. Her shop has some awesome, trendy pieces for dolls, like that lace shirt shown above. Anyhoo, she agreed to answer a few questions for our bi-monthly feature in every issue called Shop Owner Spotlight. Part of Miri’s interview was in the January/February issue, so here’s the full edition if you didn’t catch it!

What inspired you to start your shop?

I have a doll instagram {@amberfirestudios}, and I noticed that many of the people who I follow have Etsy shops where they sell doll clothes. Knowing how to sew, I thought that this could be a fun and interesting opportunity.

What are your favorite pieces to make? {e.g. t-shirts, skirts?}

I especially like to make dresses because I always love wearing dresses but don’t get many chances to do so. It’s fun to make dresses that my dolls can wear whenever I want.

How do you come up with the ideas for your outfits?

The main things on which I base the outfits I design are the outfits that I see people wearing around me and the outfits that are currently being sold or have been sold at American Girl.

What are some of your favorite color combinations?

I really like the way that blue and purple go together. I found a blue and purple blended fabric with sparkles at the fabric store near me, and I bought four yards of it.

Finally, we would love to know a little bit about your dolls.

I have five dolls: Julianna {Julie} Rose Albright loves basketball and music. Mia Cecile St. Clair loves ice skating and playing with her cat. Kit Margaret Kittredge loves photography and writing. Rebecca Sara Rubin loves acting. Finally, Susan Jane Auburn loves art, sewing {like me!}, and fashion.

Another huge thank-you to Miri! I also love wearing dresses, and I am seriously counting down the days until spring, or what I like to call it, dress season, arrives! :) Hehe.

Do you own an Etsy shop and want to be interviewed too?! Feel free to email us HERE. A bit of a heads-up first – we are currently booked for interviews up until the May/June issue, so your shop will next be featured in July. However, don’t let that stop you; we really do love connecting with different Etsy owners!

Have a fabulous rest of your day!


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