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You might not know this, but Doll Mag’s very own Ever After High Briar Beauty doll, Bri, loves fashion, and so Bella and I thought it would be an awesome idea to give her a post once a month. In her posts, Bri will talk about all sorts of doll and fashion related things, along with her thoughts on them (which usually end up being pretty ridiculous!). So now, here’s Bri!

Hi everyone! It’s me, Bri! I’m sure by the moment you read this title that you figured out this would be the best post ever. And I know that you’ll be waiting and waiting for my next one until we have to start a whole other blog – just for me (despite what Lulu claims)! Anyways, today’s post deals with three things: my cool new closet, how Isabelle totally copied me, and high heels.

Alright, first up is the whole closet thing. Lulu had this jewelry box just filled with things she never uses, and then Bella saw me next to it one night and said that it would be a great place to keep my clothes in. Lulu then dumped a bunch of things in the trash and “ta-da!” – a brand new walk in closet just for me… and Piper and Grace. But all of the accessories hanging up in there at the moment are mine, so it counts! Below are some photos of Grace, Piper, and myself hanging out by it.


“Hmm…what should I try on first?” I asked myself as I thought up different outfit combinations in my head.


“Hey Bri! Have you seen my blue dress…?” Grace wondered as she came wandering in. “Hey! What are you wearing?” I shrugged, “I asked you! But here, you’ll look good in this too,” I said, handing over a fuzzy white dress.


“Bri? Wait, are you still using the closet?” Piper exclaimed when she came into our room and noticed what I was doing.”Maybe…” I replied.


Anyways, the next topic is all about how the 2014 Girl of the Year, Isabelle, completely stole my pink hair highlights look! I had them even before Lulu and Bella saw the photos of her. It’s completely unfair! At least I don’t have to put a hair piece in for them to show up (yeah, I went there Isabelle!). 18 inch dolls get all the credit :(


Finally, high heels are totally in! I have them, Piper has them, Grace has high heeled boots, and so do the other EAH dolls! I mean, I wear them so much, it’s like my feet are permanently molded to fit into them! (Even when I take them off, I always end up walking on my toes – weird right?) They’re the only type of footwear I wear! (Probably because my feet don’t fit into anything else, but that’s besides the point.)

See you later!

Bri :) (And Lulu)

Isabelle photos are from American Girl and all Ever After High Photos are from the official website. / All thoughts in this post are Bri’s alone and do not reflect those of Doll Mag or its editors :)


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