Tips and Tricks / Dolls with Bangs

Hello!Tips and Tricks: Dolls with BangsWe took a break from our monthly feature on doll hair care, Tips and Tricks, last month due to Holiday Headquarters, but we are excited to start it up again, beginning with dolls with bangs! We have a good amount of girls with bangs in our doll family. From my own MyAG doll, Hannah, to our Bitty Twins, Bridget and Lucy, banged cuties are well-represented here! The even better part is that bangs are actually quite simple to take care of, and there are so many cute styles to showcase them. Here are a few of our own tips!

Tips and Tricks: HannahThe following tricks not only work on MyAG dolls with bangs, like Hannah above, they are also perfect for historical dolls, Ivy, Samantha, Nellie, and Molly, as well as Girl of the Year dolls, like Lindsey and Lanie!

  • Your surprising best friend when dealing with bangs is an unused toothbrush! Odd, but true, a new toothbrush is the perfect size for brushing out bangs and styling them perfectly.
  • Trimming your doll’s bangs is important if a strand of hair ever comes loose and falls in her eyes. Don’t go crazy snipping away, but a quick cut with scissors can get rid of a pesky flyaway.
  • When doing an intricate style, those bangs can sometimes get in the way! Lulu and I find that using headbands in these cases does wonders, not to mention that it will add a pop of flair to the hairstyle too.

Need some hairstyle ideas for your doll rocking bangs? Here are a few of my personal favorites…

  • Heidi Braids {also known as “milkmaid braids”}
  • French Braids
  • Pigtails
  • Half-Up

What are some of your favorite hair care tips?



2 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks / Dolls with Bangs

  1. Lanie’s bangs are very interesting. Short and side swept.
    Melody seems to have more bangs than Hannah or did some of them get swept back in the headband? I like the idea of using a fresh toothbrush as a styling tool. Thank you for the tip.

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