A Fresh Perspective


A Fresh Perspective

We do apologize for the short posts this week; we are just gearing up for lots of Valentine’s Day fun for the next couple of weeks! Not to mention that we are hard at work on the next issue, which is full of spring-y excitement.

Anyhoo, I received the Raspberry Glasses for Dolls from American Girl as a Christmas present, and the moment I saw them, I knew Ruthie would look perfect in them. As I thought, she does! Her new specs aren’t a permanent feature – I love her gorgeous gray eyes too much to do that – but for the meantime, she’s excited about the new fashion accessory. The even better part? Ruthie can now join the club of our other dolls who were glasses, Zoey and Hannah!

Do you like Ruthie’s new look?



8 thoughts on “A Fresh Perspective

  1. Melody sometimes wears glasses, but not always. She does need them, but also “has contacts.” ;-) Lanie can also be seen wearing glasses now and then. She doesn’t really need them. All wear sunglasses! :-D

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