The Book Nook / February 2014


The Book Nook Feb 2014

Back in December, we posted our first ever book review by our contributor, Lydia, and we couldn’t wait to publish her newest review! This time around, Lydia read the 2004 Girl of the Year book, Marisol, by Gary Soto, and Bella and I both think she did an excellent job!

Marisol Book Summary: Marisol Luna is a lively 10-year-old girl who was born to dance. She’s a fourth-grader who lives with her loving parents in a busy and largely Hispanic neighborhood in the heart of Chicago. Marisol goes to school, where she is a Two-Square champion, takes care of her cat, plays with the kids in her neighborhood, and takes dance lessons. Ballet folklorico (Mexican folk dance) is her favorite type of dance – and where she really shines – but she’s been exposed to some jazz and a little tap. She’s also taking ballet, but she’s new to it and a little impatient with its rigors.

Her attitude towards ballet changes only slightly when she meets a wonderful new neighbor. Miss Mendoza is a former Rockette who gently reminds Marisol that ballet is worth working hard at, because it’s the basis for all serious dance. The upsetting news that her family is moving out to the suburbs is made worse when Marisol learns that the dance studio in her new neighborhood has closed. No tap, no ballet folklorico, not even ballet. She may have to take karate lessons! Instead, with the help of new friends, resourceful Marisol finds a way to keep dancing.

My Thoughts: This was an okay book, and it wasn’t a waste of time to read, but it wasn’t one of American Girl’s best either. Marisol was a good character and she almost made me want to try Mexican folk dance! She was also half-Hispanic (I think ;)) which I liked; it was very unique and a good change from what AG had been doing recently.  I also liked the other characters in the book, like Miss Mendoza. I thought she was sweet, loving and a great character. Her mom was okay, but she could have been a tinsy bit more loving. Si? Overall, this was a good book, a little bit boring, but it is still worth picking up.

We hope you enjoyed reading Lydia’s latest review, and we can’t wait to publish some more later in the year! We would love to know what you think of the Marisol book. Comment below, or you can e-mail us at dollmagblog[at]gmail[dot]com.


2 thoughts on “The Book Nook / February 2014

  1. I loved Marisol’s story. It is one of the more controversial ones because people didn’t like the reasons behind her family’s move. I thought is worked well. Like you I was very interested in her heritage and the Ballet Folklorico. And her cat – we have Rascal. :)

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